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KynSHOT™ hydraulic buffers reduce recoil, muzzle rise and shoulder fatigue allowing for quicker target acquisition after the trigger is pulled. In addition, the KynSHOT buffers control the bolt carrier group operation thereby reducing excessive wear and tear on the mechanical cycling components.

KynSHOT hydraulic buffers are manufactured with premium seals, materials, and components in an aerospace grade manufacturing facility that is dedicated to quality. Each and every one of our product designs have undergone extensive impact, functionality, and life testing to ensure unmatched performance. This results in a product that can withstand and perform in harsh environments, including temperatures from -30°F to 150°F. Our patented design and damping technology make the KynSHOT buffers the industry leading recoil mitigation buffer.

Always use proper firearms safety and abide by all local and federal laws. KynSHOT recoil buffers are subject to the export control laws of the United States, including the Arms Export Control Act (22 U.S.C. 2571 et seq.), the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 C.F.R. Part 120 et seq.), and/or the Export Administration Regulations (15 C.F.R. Part 730 et seq.). Any transfer, retransfer, or disclosure of this data to a Foreign Person without United States Government authorization is also prohibited.

In addition, unlike other self-contained closed loop hydraulic systems the KynSHOT buffers use our patented orificing and linearly proportional internal accumulation (thermal and mechanical) to prevent internal pressure spikes that could further exacerbate excitations and instability due to forced orifice flow. The KynSHOT technology smooths out the unit’s force vs. stroke curve, thereby eliminating other secondary forced excitations.

As a final precaution against induced vibration, the KynSHOT buffers contain a bumper, made of a proprietary elastomeric blend, that provides additional damping should the buffer contact the rear of the tube.

Taking all of this into account, we created the most technologically advanced buffer on the market with unmatched performance in recoil reduction.Try it yourself to experience all the benefits of The Science Behind the Shot.

The Science behind the shot at the manufacturers website goes into great detail as to why this amazing technology should replace your old tech conventional buffer. This is the only hydraulic buffer endorsed and used by SFOD operator Kyle Lamb!
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