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Taylor’s proudly markets finely-crafted historical firearms for gun enthusiasts. Manufactured using precise modern machinery and high-quality modern materials, these firearms are faithful reproductions of those originally designed in the nineteenth century. Taylor's works closely with their manufacturers to bring their own designs to life and perfect original models used on the frontier many years ago. Their commitment to quality control ensures that customers receive only the finest products for their collection or shooting sport.

In choosing to own or use historical firearms, the user must recognize that there have been significant advances in firearm design and safety in the years since these firearms were designed. It is vital that users be familiar with their firearms and possible safety risks inherent in the design of those firearms. Most significantly, the user should realize that the design of safeties—or even the presence of adequate safeties—varies significantly on historical designs and does not offer the protection against accidental discharge that modern firearm safeties achieve.

Similarly, any firearm that is fired using black powder or substitutes such as Pyrodex® carries basic risks not found in modern smokeless cartridge firearms. Black powder is a dangerous explosive and must be used and handled with extreme caution. The slightest miscalculation or carelessness with black powder or black powder firearms can result in serious injuries to the user.
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